What is this?

Periodontics deals with the treatment and preventive care of your gums. You have probably heard the name of the insidious disease – periodontitis, commonly known as periodontosis. Unfortunately, it is increasingly common in patients of all ages, and only an experienced periodontist can help fight it. But fortunately, at Mutafchiyska Dent we have precisely such a specialist on our team and he is at your disposal with his proven knowledge and experience.

What does it help with?

  • Periodontitis can begin in your teenage years. The most common cause is irregular hygiene, less often damage to the jaw, an improper bite and genetic predisposition. Bacteria (plaque) get between the tooth and the gum, which over time begin to infect the soft tissue.
  • The first symptoms of periodontitis are bad breath and bleeding gums when brushing your teeth. If you notice those, visit the periodontist’s office immediately! Periodontitis cannot be completely cured, but it can be controlled and stopped. The earlier the better!
  • If you neglect the early stage of treatment, the infection attacks the jaw bone and begins to “melt” it. As a result, the gums begin to recede and the necks of the teeth are exposed. Some of them begin to come loose due to the reduced amount of bone. The contour of the face changes, the skin starts to look saggy and aged.
  • The final stage is the loss of one or all teeth.

People mistakenly believe that certain toothpastes or herbs will prevent the development of the disease. Unfortunately, these can only be used as complementary prevention. For the treatment itself you need an expert periodontist!

How does it work

  • It is mandatory for the periodontist to see a panoramic photo to assess how far the disease has progressed.
  • The next step is to thoroughly clean the tartar using ultrasound. It may be necessary to do this in several stages over a period of time.
  • Sometimes this is enough to control the disease. You only need to do regular cleaning for a certain period recommended by the periodontist. And to strictly keep proper oral hygiene.
  • However, if periodontitis is in its advanced stages, surgery may be required. It aims to deeply clean the tooth to the root in order to stop the infection. There are several types of procedures, and the most suitable one for you can be determined only after going through the first few steps.
  • Our experience shows that even in patients with advanced periodontitis, the surgical solution gives excellent results. And once it is brought under control, we can offer you the appropriate procedures to repair the aesthetic damage it has caused to your smile. You can read more about it in the “Aesthetic restorations” section.

Who is it suitable for?

Periodontitis is insidious because it can go unnoticed for many years. Our experience shows that it occurs mainly in adult patients. It is important not to wait for it and certainly not ignore it!

And another important thing! Smoking is the number one enemy of healthy gums and a major cause of periodontitis!