What is this?

DSD is a revolutionary technology that allows you to see and approve your new smile even before you start your treatment. It also helps the dentist to plan everything in advance, down to the smallest detail.

What does it help with?

  • It allows you to see in advance what you will look like after the proposed treatment
  • You know what to expect from the very beginning
  • You are aware of each stage of your treatment
  • You participate in the planning
  • It makes it easier for the dentist to plan treatment
  • It guarantees total precision in the procedure implementation
  • Helps avoid mistakes

How does it work?

DSD doesn’t work as a treatment, it guarantees that the treatment will be successful! Using special software, we make a complete digital copy of the oral cavity. It allows us to pre-design your future smile with all the necessary accompanying treatment and recovery procedures. And it allows you to see it “live”!

Who is it suitable for?

For everyone! The procedure is completely painless. And we perform it with the most modern and reliable equipment, which guarantees accurate and precise results.