Call us via the most convenient communication channel for you. You can call us by phone, send a message to us through the contact form on our website or via our Facebook page, or even send your inquiry by e-mail.

We will ask you what the reason for your call is and we will make an appointment for the relevant examination or procedure at a convenient time for you.

If you are in severe pain and the case is urgent, we will respond within the same day.

If you have any health complaints on the day of your visit, especially if you have a cough, runny nose, fever, muscle or chest pain, or a sore throat, please let us know so we can reschedule your appointment. It is important to be responsible to ourselves and others in these troubling times for our whole society.

Our receptionist Mina will be the first to meet you at the clinic. She will help you find your way, invite you to put on protective shoe covers and clean your hands with disinfectant. You will be welcomed into our cozy waiting room, and soon after that you will meet Dr. Bonka Mutafchiyska.

She is the “first stop” for every patient at Mutafchiyska Dent. She will perform the initial examination and discuss your wishes, requirements and expectations with you. Tell her everything you imagine about your dream smile without hesitation! The more specific you are, the better the results will be.

Depending on the conclusions, Dr. Mutafchiyska will take care of your treatment personally, or will refer you to the appropriate specialist in the clinic.

Even during this first meeting, you will learn everything about your upcoming treatment – how many stages it will entail, how many visits will be needed, what procedures will be performed and what exactly the expected results will be. Thus, you can plan your time and expenses for the entire treatment process from the onset.

You will be in a cheerful and friendly environment, without any stress, tension and stern faces. You will see that it is not scary at the dentist at all.

At the end, we will say goodbye to you with a complementary piece of candy!