“Your smiles are our reward”.

A dentist with 19 years of experience in the field of conservative dentistry, aesthetic restoration, endodontics, orthodontics and pediatric dentistry. Dr. Bonka Mutafchiyska is the founder and head of Mutafchiyska Dent. But above all, she is the heart and soul of the clinic. A highly qualified doctor and a warm-hearted person who always picks up her phone and easily turns patients into her close friends.
She graduated in Dental medicine in 2002 at the Plovdiv Medical University. She specializes in conservative dentistry and endodontics, and has attended several training courses in the field of aesthetic restoration, orthodontics, prosthetic dentistry and pediatric dental medicine.
She firmly believes that the path to success goes through continuous improvement – especially in dentistry, which is evolving at a rapid pace. That is why her archive is full of diplomas, certificates and awards from prestigious courses, trainings, seminars and competitions. But she always says that the greatest reward for her work are the smiles of satisfied patients.



“I feel that I’m in the right place here”.

One of the worst things you can hear at the dentist is “This tooth can’t be saved. We have to take it out.”
Dr. Ognyanova does not sacrifice your teeth just like that. She will do everything possible and even the impossible to save them. And save you from the pain. She is an experienced expert in the field of endodontics, whose mission is the treatment of root canals.
She graduated from the Faculty of Dental Medicine at Plovdiv Medical University in 2010, and has been part of Dr. Mutafchiyska’s team for more than 2 years. “I like my job and I feel I’m in the right place. Here we are all like one family, in which everyone cares about each other”, says Dr. Ognyanova.



“Doctors and patients are one team”.

All patients know her as Rumi. Periodontist Dr. Kiskinova manages to melt the ice instantly and turn her patient into a friend. She is the expert in healthy gums and beautiful white teeth at Mutafchiyska Dent. And she is convinced that to have them, the responsibility lies not only with the doctor but also the patient. She considers it her mission to motivate and teach people how to take care of their smiles so that they can show them with pride.
She graduated in dental medicine in 2017 at the Plovdiv Medical University, and has been at Mutafchiyska Dent for 3 years. Enough time to start calling the team at the clinic her family.



“It’s hard for me to leave work in the evening”.

Some teeth just have to go. Because they do more harm than good. And then you need someone who knows what he’s doing. This person is Dr. Maria Nikolova. She can take out even the most stubborn wisdom tooth completely painlessly. And as a reward you will even get… a photo. Because Dr. Nikolova is also our dental photographer. Thanks to her, each case is photographed, tracked and properly documented – and this guarantees a successful treatment. And a pleasant photographic experience.
Dr. Nikolova graduated in dentistry in 2018, and shortly afterwards joined the Mutafchiyska Dent team. “From day one, I saw how cohesive and radiant everyone is. Here I got inspiration and motivation to do what I always wanted to do. Even in the evenings I find it difficult to leave work because they are my friends and my family. And the main “culprit” for this is Bonka. She is at the root of everything”, says Dr. Nikolova.


“A place where you feel satisfied with your work”.

We welcomed Dr. Vladimirova into our team quite recently. She is an experienced dentist, specializing mainly in orthopedics and restorations. And a wonderful person, whom we accepted as one of our own from the very first moment.
“I feel this is a place where I can develop as a professional, and rely on the support and understanding of the other team members”, says Dr. Vladimirova.
Her first impressions immediately convinced her that she has come to a friendly environment, where everyone is dedicated to their work and their patients: “A great team, modern equipment and top-quality materials – all this ensures satisfaction and pleasure from the work done”.



“I see with my own eyes how people’s fear of the dentist disappears”

Lily will take care of everything. Making sure that the clinic is ready for work. That the patient is comfortably seated in their chair. Ensuring the instruments are all ready for the doctor. She is a dental assistant who does not miss anything. She has been helping doctors and patients in the Mutafchiyska Dent team for almost 2 years now. And according to her, this is the brightest, most understanding and tolerant team you can find: “I would tell every patient that he is in the right place with the right people. They will leave charmed and grateful. I know, because every day I see how their fear disappears from their eyes immediately after their first visit”, says Lily.



“The most important thing is that I’m here among good people”.

She knows that in a dental clinic, hygiene is the top priority. And she personally guarantees that there is no compromise at Mutafchiyska Dent. Petya Kasarova is responsible for the disinfection and sterilization of the instruments that doctors work with every day. She does it carefully and devotedly – ensuring you are completely safe during the examination and procedures.
Petya joined the team relatively recently, but without hesitation she defines her colleagues as positive, radiant and very good people who are undisputed professionals.



“Excellent team!”

Mihaela is a new resident of our favorite town of Plovdiv and the latest addition to our favorite team. She is a dental assistant with extensive experience in a number of prestigious dental clinics in Sofia. You can be absolutely sure that you are in safe hands with her and she knows perfectly well what she is doing. Because, apart from everything else, Mihaela has the appropriate education – she graduated in dental technology in Sofia. And in her new job, she found a well-coordinated team of close-knit, radiant and friendly colleagues, with whom she immediately felt at home.



“The meetings with the patients and seeing their gratitude is the most invigorating feeling”.“

We affectionately call her Tacha – our experienced dental assistant and the irreplaceable “right hand” of doctors in their daily work. She will greet you at the clinic, welcome you into the office, which she has made sure is spick and span. She will be with you and the doctor throughout your stay in the chair and will help everything go quickly and easily.
Tacha has been part of Mutafchiyska Dent for over two years. And she is adamant that she works in a “great and cohesive team of professionals”. But she the meetings with the patients and their satisfaction with the job well done to be most invigorating.



“The clinic is like my home; I don’t even realize how the working day flies by”.

Mina is the engine of the Mutafchiyska Dent Clinic. She is our administrator, whom you will see first when you come in. You will hear her voice when you call us on the phone. She will also be the one to schedule your appointment and make sure everything related to the organization of your treatment is in order.
Mina is also a veteran in our team. She has been working with Dr. Mutafchiyska since 2011, and they are also close friends. During these years she worked both as a nurse and a dental assistant, essentially a one-man army. Today, her place is behind the reception desk, where she will greet you with a smile.
“I come to work, as if I was going to a party. I have never grown tired of it – I don’t even feel the hours fly by. I’m sure it’s thanks to Bonka and the amazing team she gathered together. I feel like the clinic is my home”, Mina shares with a smile.