Pediatric dentistry

This is what we are most proud of! Caring for the smiles of our youngest patients is always a challenge. But it’s already proven – they all come to Mutafchiyska Dent feeling fantastic and with a smile on their face.


Digital Smile Design (DSD)

DSD is a revolutionary technology that allows you to see and approve your new smile even before you start your treatment. It also helps the dentist to plan everything in advance, down to the smallest detail.


Endodontic treatment

Endodontics save your teeth from unnecessary and premature extraction, and ensure you don’t end up experiencing pain. This type of dentistry deals with the treatment of root canals. Literally translated, the term means “intradental”.


Aesthetic restorations

This is a way to hide the imperfections in your smile and make it irresistible. Modern dentistry offers great opportunities that will exceed your highest expectations. We will discuss your requirements and expectations in detail to offer you the best solution.


Teeth whitening and prevention

That’s all you need for a dazzling smile. Regular preventive check-ups and professional cleaning are a prerequisite to ensure a healthy and beautiful look for many years. And if you want it to be whiter – we have a solution!



Implantology is the most modern and reliable way to restore missing teeth. In recent years, it has developed at a lightning pace and is increasingly displacing the traditional dental bridges and prosthetics that were common up until recently. Because the dental implant looks, behaves, cleans and feels exactly like your real teeth.


Conservative dentistry

This is our favorite part of dentistry! Because it is a barrier and a shield against all other complications and problems of the teeth. Don’t be confused by its complex name – this is simply the technical term for the well-known fillings.


Mesotherapy and filler placement

This is our response to the fatigue, stress and weather that steal away our youth and freshness. With the help of modern technologies, our trained specialists will bring back that radiant young look your face deserves!


Orthodontic treatment

Orthodontics deals with the diagnosis and treatment of any dental deformities. Or simply put – with the improper bites and incorrectly arranged teeth. With proper orthodontic treatment, they can be corrected. And this is important both for your health and for your beautiful smile.



Periodontics deals with the treatment and preventive care of your gums. You have probably heard the name of the insidious disease – periodontitis, commonly known as periodontosis. Unfortunately, it is increasingly common in patients of all ages, and only an experienced periodontist can help fight it.


Prosthetic dentistry

An integral part of the work of a dentist, which deals with the restoration of lost or severely damaged teeth. It brings back your smile, the convenience of eating and the confidence to talk openly and freely. We can guarantee it because we work with the best dental technicians!


Oral surgery

There was a time when tooth extraction was considered the only cure for pain. Fortunately, that is not the case today! However, there are some teeth that are better off taken out. Because they do more harm than good. However, it is important that they get removed properly. And we can do just that!