What is this?

This is what we are most proud of! Caring for the smiles of our youngest patients is always a challenge. But it’s already proven – they all come to Mutafchiyska Dent feeling fantastic and with a smile on their face. Their fear evaporates and they become real heroes who deserve a reward! And very, very healthy teeth!

What does it help with?

  • Prevention. Regular checkups do not hurt, but they are our faithful ally in the fight against the pain that decayed teeth can cause. We will protect them from it with some of the most proven methods of modern pediatric dentistry – silanization and fluoride treatment. But above all, we will teach them how taking care of their own smile can be fun and enjoyable!
  • Treatment of cavities and their complications – pulpitis and periodontitis. These are the most common problems of children’s teeth.
  • Pediatric orthodontics (see more in the “Orthodontic treatment” section)

How does it work?

With attention, love and care. And a bit of fun!

Who is it suitable for?

For all children – from kindergarten all the way to high school.