What is this?

Implantology is the most modern and reliable way to restore missing teeth. In recent years, it has developed at a lightning pace and is increasingly displacing the traditional dental bridges and prosthetics that were common up until recently. Because the dental implant looks, behaves, cleans and feels exactly like your real teeth. And Mutafchiyska Dent works with one of the most reliable implant systems and with the pioneers of implantology in Bulgaria, whose skills are recognized not only in our country but also around the world! They boast hundreds of successfully placed implants and grateful patients in their professional biography. We guarantee that with them you are in the safest hands possible!

What does it help with?

  • In case of loss of one or more teeth. That is always an unpleasant experience. It affects our comfort when eating and talking to other people, changes habits and even the outline of our face, which begins to look loose and prematurely aged.
    But most of all, it takes away our sincere, broad and heartfelt smile. You’ve seen people cover their mouths with their hands when they laugh, haven’t you? So have we! Implants are the most effective solution to this unpleasant problem.
  • For totally edentulous jaws.

How does it work?

  • The dental implant is made of a high-quality titanium alloy, which is extremely compatible with the human body and the jawbone in particular.
  • After seeing your x-ray, the implantologist will determine how many implants you need and where exactly they should be placed. We work with equipment that plans and navigates the correct location of the implant to the last micrometer.
  • The quality of the work and the implant guarantee a minimally invasive procedure, after which the pain is insignificant and passes away quickly. You can forget about it in a flash with the help of a simple painkiller.
  • After the surgical intervention, wait a few weeks for the implant to fully integrate into the bone and for the tissues to heal.
  • The last stage is the implant prosthetization, which turns it into an aesthetic and natural part of your smile. (For more on prosthetization, see the “Prosthetics” section)

Who is it suitable for?

Implantology is suitable for all patients whose physical development is complete. This roughly means coming of age. However, there are certain conditions to ensure the successful placement of a dental implant.

The most important of these is the presence of enough bone to attach the implant. Modern methods also offer a solution for bone deficiency. But our specialists will best advise you on all this. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions! And be aware of two important things:

  1. There is no such thing as a “rejected” implant. Our implants have a lifetime warranty and 98% success rate. And the other cases are very likely to be due to:
  2. Smoking and poor hygiene! These are the sworn enemies of implantology!